Independence Stadium

Independance Stadium


Home of the most celebrated bowl game in Northern Louisiana, The Independence Bowl. Located just off of I-20, you can not miss the towering new Trinitron Television capable of instant replays and brilliant color schemes ordinarily enjoyed in the comfort of your home, or the magnificent marquis flashing in giant letters current and future events for your viewing as you leisurely drive by on the interstate.

These and many more attractions were all part of a 30 million dollar renovation project that has recently been completed. What has been purchased, renovated or added for your comfort and enjoyment is an enlarged seating capacity from 43,000 to approximately 53,000, new enclosed seating in the upper South End Zone to protect you from the elements, additional new concession stands for providing you expedient service. Also, additional restrooms have been installed all around the stadium for your convenience and rapid return to the game.

Televisions have also been installed around the concession areas so that you will not miss an action packed moment. The facade has been renovated with new carpet, comfortable lounge chairs and tables, all in addition to a picturesque view of the game so natural you will not believe you're safely enclosed.

To contact the Independence Bowl Foundation, contact 318-221-0712.

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