YOUth Fit

What is YOUth FIT?

The mission of YOUth FIT is to provide children with skill and fitness instruction for successful Cross County (distance/endurance) running. YOUth FIT believes that teaching the foundations and strategies for health and fitness associated with running is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Fundamental knowledge, skill development, proper progression, lead-up games and seminars will provide YOUth FIT participants with an opportunity to emphasize development of Cross Country running skills and healthy lifestyles in a fun and stimulating environment.   

Who should join? 

YOUth FIT is the perfect program for any male or female, 7-17 years old, who has the desire to learn the fundamentals of endurance running, challenge themselves through exercise, learn about health and well-being, practice goal-setting, make new friends, prepare for track or cross country season, or simply get involved in a healthy lifestyle sport. All levels welcome!

What is included in the sign-up fee? 

The fee, which is a $40 membership to the Red River Road Runner Organization, includes the following:  Age-based coaching, ability-based group workouts, weekly training, health seminars, a training log, and participation in the 2023 Red River Road Runner summer fun run series. Participants must register online: Red River Road Runners

Print out the confirmation receipt and attach it to the YOUth FIT registration form.  

What happens on any given training day? 

Mondays:  YOUth FIT will start each training day with a group warm-up, stretching, and move into fitness training which will include: plyometrics, drills, games, relays, trail or hill running, interval and endurance conditioning.  After cooling down, YOUth FIT will provide a seminar on a health/fitness topic and hold a question-answer session and individual goal-setting assistance. Thursdays:  YOUth FIT fun runs ranging from 1mile-5K (3.1. miles). YOUth FIT participant will apply their training and goals to each run. All participants will end the program with the 5K.

What to wear and bring for training? 

Good running shoes are essential.  Participants should wear light-weight and light-colored clothing (e.g. shorts and a white t-shirt, dri-fit or tank top). Bring a towel or yoga mat each Monday for stretching/strength work. Optional items are sunscreen, sunglasses, visor or hat, bug-spray, and a personal water bottle. Participants should drink plenty of water and eat a snack at least one hour before training. 

YOUth Fit