33rd Annual Dr. M.L.K. Jr. Basketball Tournament

2022 MLK basketball FB


  1. Youth Teams
  2. Adult Teams
  3. Slam Dunk Contest
  4. 3 Point Shootout


Youth divisions cost $25.00
  • 10u
  • 12u
  • 14u
  • 17u


  1. Rules
  2. FAQ
  3. Schedules
  4. Locations & Addresses
  5. Championship Games Schedule



Open Adult Division & Youth Divisions: will play NFHS rules 

Men Pro-Am Division: will play NCAA rules 

  1. Conduct – Absolutely NO profanity allowed! No hanging on rims. Note: Any fighting on the court, on City of Shreveport/tournament property on City of Shreveport property shall result in ejection for the remainder of the tournament and prosecution to the fullest. 
  2. Fouls – Each player will be allowed 5 fouls. 
  3. Game Time – Eighteen (18) minute halves***. Running time***Clock will stop on time outs, last two minutes of second half, and at referees’ discretion(injury, making correction at scores table, etc..). There will be a (5) minute half time at the end of the first half of each game. 
  4. Uniforms – Every team must have like color jerseys with numbers. Each team must bring both dark & light color jerseys with numbers. 
  5. Team Roster – Team rosters must be turned in to gym supervisor/official scorers table 15 minutes prior to game time. If you are a coach and serving as a player/coach, you must be listed on official team roster to enter game as player. 
  6. Grace Period – There shall be no grace period on the start of games. Teams are responsible for being at gym site and ready to play according to tournament brackets. Otherwise, game time is forfeit time. 
  7. Playing with Multiple Teams – Players can only play with one (1) team. Any player confirmed to have played with two teams; player and unofficial team played with will be disqualified from the tournament. It will be up to opposing team to make protest of alleged illegal player and prove their case to tournament director. 
  8. Balls – Gym supervisors will furnish game basketball upon request. Team must furnish practice ball(s).
  9. Time Outs – (1) Full time out and (1) 20 second time out each half. Time outs will not carry over. Same applies to overtime. Time outs do NOT advance the ball. Each overtime period is considered a new half. Therefore every new overtime period each team will be awarded (1) Full time out and (1) 20 second time out. Note: Time outs will not carry over from overtime to the next overtime. 

  10. Overtime – First overtime will be 3 minutes running clock. Clock will stop for time outs during the last minute and at referee’s discretion. Additional overtimes will be 2 minutes with the same rules. 
  11. Eliminations – Double elimination tournament with single CHAMPIONSHIP game. 
  12. Eligibility – Current and active high school / collegiate student- athletes are ineligible. Note: If you are on or ever was on a high school / collegiate roster for the 2021-2022 basketball season you are ineligible to play in this tournament. 
  13. Protests – Team protests shall be made before the completion of the second half of game play. Protest shall be made to the respective gym supervisor or tournament director. The only ground for lodging a protest is player eligibility. Note: Official judgment calls will not be accepted as grounds for protest. All final decisions will be made by the Tournament Director or designated SPAR Staff Member. If protesting more than one player, each player protested must have individual protest paperwork and a separate protest fee. Protest fees are $25 per protest. If the protest is won by the coach/team the $25 will be refunded. 
  14. Technical Fouls – No changes! NFHS administration of technical fouls will apply to all Divisions. 
  15. Identification—(Youth Divisions Only)—Each coach shall have a copy of a birth Certificate, state issued ID or a passport of every player on the team roster at every game played. 
  16. Hold Harmless Agreement—Each player must sign a hold harmless agreement (Adult) Parent signed permission slip (Youth) prior to playing first game. In addition, each player must be listed and sign a team roster prior to first game. 
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  17. An ejection from ALL SPAR Athletics games and events may occur if an individual or team fights, uses foul language, refuses to leave the premises, or exhibits a pattern of criticism and disrespect for an official or city employee. 
  18. It is the responsibility of each Head Coach to REQUIRE all players to exhibit good sportsmanship throughout the course of every contest including hand-shakes at the end of every ball game. 

*Rules are subject to be change or modified by Tournament Director and/or SPAR Administration.* 

Revised: 2/3/2020 

2022 MLK basketball flyer