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  1. Mini Festival App
    This is intended for events possibly needing a street closure, alcohol is intended to be served sold consumed on city property, public is invited, the event will have more than a pop up tent, event table and chairs, portalets, etc.

    Simple Street Closure
    This is intended for the PRIVATE birthday parties at personal houses that are wanting the street closed to through traffic. There is to be nothing in the street. The street still has to be drive able for emergency vehicles. All bounce houses, bbq pits, tables, chairs, etc must be on private property. The sidewalks must be clear as well as that is public property. 

    Simple Parks
    This is intended for the PRIVATE birthday parties, family gatherings being held at the park. This will allow a bounce house(s), private bbq pits, tables, chairs, not public, no alcohol is permitted. This is allowed because the insurance policy will be required. 

    Use of Recreation Facility
    Red River District
    Parade Application
    Festival Plaza - RiverView Park
    Club Level App
    RiverView Hall - Theater App

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